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Large Wrapping Shawl

 For a while now I'm a soprano in a classic choir and in the last months we did a couple of recitals. Because of corona restrictions it wasn't always easy to sing, due to keeping distance, a reduced orchestra because just a certain amount of people was allowed, choir members that do not want to take any risks and postpone singing together until corona will be finally disappaered (if ever) et cetera, so every recital we could do under such circumstances was a real gift.  A couple of recitals were sung in churches and as time went on, it became colder, but because we are expected to wear a sort of festive clothes we are not supposed to cover in winter coats to keep warm of course. So I  crocheted this two meters long shawl, that I can wrap around me.  The original pattern was written for a cardigan by Lakeside Loops, which was not very difficult to alter to a shawl. I love how it turned out!  Pattern: Eva Crochet Cardigan  (free pattern) by Lakeside Loops Yarn: Royal Grey by Ze

Christmas Cards

  This week I made and sent the Christmas cards. Not very complicated to make, because that will take too much time. I just made some simple drawings in thick blanco paper cards, punched holes in the paper with a needle and used yarn in different colors to connect the holes. I glued another card on the backside of the cards, to hide the knots and ends of the yarn. Simple, but I'm happy with the result.  ~*~ My Christmas Wreath was featured by Is This Mutton?

Christmas Greens

  Two years ago I did a workshop for making a wreath, together with a friend. This year we wanted to go again, but last week all workshops were canceled due to you would never guess it. So we decided to do our own workshop. Today we bought all we could possibly need and went to work.  I made pastries and good coffee, so we didn't have to miss  that either. All in all we had a great afternoon.  I'm very content with the result, a centerpiece and a wreath, both in natural colors. From the left overs I made another arrangement, for the kitchen.  ~*~ My Blue Marbled Baubles were featured by Pointsettia Drive  and Slices of Life ! The Advent Calendar that I made for my daughters was featured by My Big Fat Menopausal Life !

Blue Marbled Baubles

  Our tree will be dressed in blue this year. Blue and a bit of red, white and black. And because I always love to hang something in my tree that I made myself, I crocheted some baubles a couple of weeks ago. And this week I marbled some old white glass baubles with nail polish, which gave a great result. I found this idea here  (with instructions).  ~*~ My DIY Advent Calendar was featured by An Artful Mom ! 

Heerlijk Avondje

S i nterklaastaart   Benodigdheden: * cakemix en de op de verpakking genoemde toe te voegen ingredienten, meestal boter en eieren * taaitaaipopjes *50 cc + 5 eetlepels slagroom *bakje mascarpone *speculaaskruiden *3 eetlepels suiker *rolfondant *reep chocola van 80 gram *chocoladeletter *strooigoed (pepernoten, taaitaaipopjes, letters, schuimpjes, marsepein, of wat je maar wil)   Bereid de cake zoals op de verpakking staat aangegeven. Maal de taaitaaipopjes grof en meng dit met het cakebeslag Bak zoals staat aangegeven op de cakemixverpakking Laat de taart helemaal afkoelen  Sla 50cc slagroom stijf en roer daar de mascarpone, drie eetleps suiker en twee eetlepels speculaaskruiden doorheen Snijd de taart in drie lagen en smeer daar de speculaascreme tussen. Smeer ook wat op de boven- en zijkanten van de taart. Zet je taart even in de koelkast. Rol de fondant uit in een lange, dunne strook; meet de hoogte van je taart en snijd de randen van de fondant af op die hoogte. Bekleed hi