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Advent Calender

 Yesterday was the fourth Sunday before Christmas, the Sunday when advent begins, so I hung up the Advent Calendar for my daughers (14 and 11 years old). I made one myself after being not very content with the one I bought last year. It was a calendar from a beauty label, but most products were alike, just different scents (as in having opened five different scented hand lotions in the end and four sorts of different smelling shampoos ). This year I bought brown paper bags, draw something that has to do with Christmas on it and filled them with all kinds of little presents. 

Satsuka Cat

 There's another wave of delivering collaegues going on at my job, so I've been busy making some baby presents, beginning with this lovely little cat, named Satsuka.  Pattern: Satsuka Cat from Animal Friends from Pica Pau 2 by Yan Schenkel Yarn: various colors by Ricorumi ~*~ My Granny Christmas Baubles were featured by Create With Joy ,   Ginx Craft  and My Bijou Life !

Christmas Granny Baubles

  Stash Buster 17  This week I made more Christmas decorations and crocheted a couple of Christmas Baubles. You can't be early enough; before you know it Christmas is there. I already have a lot of blue and white decorations for the tree from last year  and want to complement this with handmade decorations  instead of buying new stuff again  For this pattern you don't need a lot of yarn, so I used left overs of other projects. Inside the balls are old Christmas baubles that I didn't use anymore. Plastic baubles are best to use, because after crocheting two halves you cover the baubles with them and close them by threading. Glass baubles are more breakable, so plastic is saver. Pattern: Christmas Granny Baubles by Annie Design Crochet (free pattern) Yarn: various colors of Capri by Katia ~*~ The Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Empanadas , that I made a couple of weeks ago, were featured this week by God's Growing Garden ! The little Christmas creatures that I showed last we

Lalylala Christmas

 One of my favorite Etsy stores is Lalylala. I bought lots of patterns there and when a book came out, I bought that, too, of course. What I especially like are the Season series.  For a couple of years now I had the intention to make the Christmas creatures, but for some reason it never happened. Busy making other things or no time at all. But this year I purchased both Christmas pattern sets, hooked and hooked and hooked, and they are finished! And although it's a bit early, I show them anyway, no that there's still lots of time to make them yourself, in case you like them, too!     Patterns:  X-mas by Lalylala (candle, tree, angel) X-mas Vol 2 by Lalylala (pointsettia, christmas elf, bauble) Yarn: various colors by Katia Capri and Scheepjes Catona ~*~ My Sea Shell Blanket was featured by Creative Jewish Mom !

Sea Shell Blanket

  More than a year ago I started crocheting this blanket and finally it's finished. Very happy, considering I used just one third of the time for crocheting and the rest of the time for untangling yarn.  The blanket is made of three different skeins of Scheepjes Whirl. I made lots of different projects inbetween to keep my spirit high, but not that it's finished I really love the result. And..., bought new Whirls for another project.    Pattern: Sea Shell Blanket by Lisa Kuijs on Ravelry (free pattern) Yarn: Scheepjes Whirl Liquorice Yum Yum, Indigo Plane and Blueberry Bam Bam ~*~ My Crocheted Herringbone Pumpkin Pillow was featured by The Answer is Chocolate !