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Wanted #31


Menorca Otra Vez

A couple of days ago we came home from our holidays. It's been three years since we went to Menorca (Balearic Islands, belonging to Spain), long enough to feel The Itch. The itch that says 'Time to see the island again'.  And so we went. Since I was five I went there every year until I was about twenty and wanted to see other corners of the world, but now that I have children myself, I want them to see the island, too. Most beautiful place in the world, even after seeing so much other great places. 
Here's an impression, see it for yourself. 
My absolute favorite beach in the island is Platja d'Algaiarens, La Vall

A friend of mine could arrange a house for a good price in Cala'n Blanes. Not the most beautiful place on the island, but it has its own highlights as you can see below.
Sunset as seen from our window
Garlic Flowers

More beautiful flowers
Natural Bridge
I love the flowers (and the fences) in July!

 Pink Oleanders at my friend's house


Ballpoint Postcards

Just felt like drawing, but only had ballpoint and some white cards.

Crochet Cacti

For weeks I had these cacti laying around on my craft table, because I couldn't find nice little pots for them, so in the end I made crocheted pots. Not what I had in mind, but doesn't look awful either.

Wanted #30


Summer Top

Don't know how it's in your part of the world, but here we haven't seen much sun yet. But vacation to sunnier places is just around the corner, so I made this summer top for my daughter.


Another baby on the way (not in my  belly, though :-) ), so I made another headfooter for a present!

Wanted #29


Apple Friend

A made a little apple friend for the sweet pear. He felt alone, so...


My Summer Skirts were featured this week by Creating my Way to Success and Scrapality!!

Thank you, Jill and Andrea!!

De Hoge Veluwe

We just came back from our little vacation at De Hoge Veluwe, The Netherlands. It was just for a week, but we had a great time, due to the weather, the cute little town nearby and the places we did visit. 
We saw the National Park by carrier cycle, went to a butterfly garden, swam in a little lake, ate lunch while looking at a sand-drift, walked around a lot, saw wild dears, among lots of other things.
Pictures below:

Hoge Veluwe National Park

Butterfly Gardens at De Passiflorahoeve
Tropical Butterflies

European Butterflies

 Beautiful Passiflora

Strange looking flowers called Aristolochia or Dutchmen's Pipe