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Le Papillon

Do you recognize this? You are inspired, make one thing after another, but everything you make doesn’t turn out as you hoped it would turn out? I made three things this week, but only one looks like I wanted it to look: I crocheted a butterfly to use as an application on a long sleeve for my daughter.

I found this pattern at Le Blog de Anna, a blog I found recently, and which is full of the most beautiful (FREE!) crochet patterns. This is just one of many butterfly patterns.
Beautiful orange flowers:

I love gladiolus. Little stems, lots of flowers, full vase...

Wanted #37

WANTED Love the green jacket!

The Sugar Skull is Finished!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a half finished Sugar Skull that I embroidered. After some weeks of stitching, stitching and stitching again it’s now finally finished! Here’s the result.

I found this great black frame to go with the skull. It matches perfectly!

I know, pride is one of the seven sins, but secretly I’m a little proud of my Sugar Skull. 
For the pattern, see this book:
Twisted Stitches by Phil Davison

Wanted #36

WANTED Very cute Travel Bag!

Speckled Elephant

Again I had a baby shower last week and since I’m still bored by making play mats, I made a cute, little grey and pink elephant this time.

Levitating Little Ghost

I’m sorry for the lack of craft post last two weeks, but we are busy making our house over, so I had to do other things. With two kids, a husband, two cats, a job and a blog a girl has to divide her time and attention properly after all.  
The last month I saw little ghosts for Halloween everywhere on the internet, and they’re so cute, I had to make them myself! I used Styrofoam balls and little compresses. Nothing difficult and finished in less than five minutes!

Wanted #35

WANTED Cute top!

Wanted #34

I LOVE this Gingham Dress!

Calavera Margarita

Last year I made this shirt for my oldest daughter (then 4), who was fascinated by skeletons and monsters at the time, and wanted a shirt with a skull on it. Now that it is almost Halloween and Dia de los Muertos it's a good time to show it to you.

I didn’t want to make something that would scare off her friends, so I made this for her. The skull is made of felt and is embroidered on the shirt. I bought some ready to use felt flowers and iron on rhinestones to decorate the skull and used lots of pink and lila to give it a (somewhat) more friendly face. Not entirely succeeded (it's still a skull after all), but I did the best I could and my daughter loved it. Back then at least, because now she thinks skulls are disgusting, haha!