Wanted #1

Alika Circle Black by Betty Page Clothing

Beautiful Black Dress!


  1. I wish you had written a story about this cutest ever black dress...it is hard to get to know the real you with just one picture..,.,where did you find this picture, could you remake a dress into something that looks like this dress, it is sooo cute...I'll be back again soon...

    1. Hi Phyllis! It's just a dress I like very much and would want for myself :-). I love midcentury clothes. There's a link underneath the picture, that is where you can buy the dress.

  2. I want to LOOK like the girl in the little black dress!! Thanks for visiting my blog,
    I love yours!
    Dorothy @ hensrule

  3. Hello Liz, thanks for visiting my blog! Maybe you didn't read all the text of my post, because I have studied at the VU in Amsterdam - I am Dutch, and both my and hubby's family are Dutch -all still live in Holland:)
    Success with your new blog!

    1. Hi Jesh,

      Yes, I read that you studied at the VU, but thought you were here for just a year or so at the time. Didn't understand that you are Dutch yourself :-). That's nice! Begrijpt u nog steeds Nederlands? En komt u nog vaak naar Nederland?

      Thanks for visiting back! Liz

  4. This is such a stellar LBD - equal parts elegant and subtly alluring thanks to the peak-a-boo netting on the collar. I always enjoy your "Wanted" posts so much!

    ♥ Jessica


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