Wanted #6

Peacock Rhinestone Brooch by Trashy Diva

Love Peacocks!


  1. Completely love it! I have a couple of peacock brooches already, but I wouldn't say no to this beauty either.

    This reminds me, have I ever told you about the three local peacocks here? In a neighbouring community called Naramata (it's about 15 minutes from our town) there are three peacocks who roam the streets there. No one seems to know exactly where they came from (they're not native to the area), but amazingly they've survived the traffic and weather for a few years now and are so fun to spot every now and then if you're out that (I'll never forget the first time one crossed in front of us on the road, as we didn't know the area had peacocks).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks again, Jessica!

      No, you didn't tell me the story of the peacocks. So nice to just drive through the streets and then see those beautiful, beautiful birds. Would make my day! I don't know what's the native region of peacocks either. They look pretty exotic. Maybe somewhere in the tropics. Let's google it, haha!
      Have a great Easter weekend, Jessica! Talk to you soon!


    2. Peacocks come from South Asia originally, I just read :-) ...


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