What to wear with...

...my handmade Peter Pan Blouse!

Gingham Peter Pan Blouse (Made by Me)
Navy Pencil Skirt (Pinup Couture, this year)
Black Sandalettes (Bordello, this year)
Blue Hairflower (bought in a toy store, a couple of years ago)
Necklace (Made byM e)


  1. The blouse you made is very nice and perfectly fit with the rest. Tina

  2. So very, very lovely! I adore peter pan collars, and have a few, but rarely wear them. No idea why - considering how adorable and perpetually stylish I think they are. I'm happy you posted about this outfit, it's just the reminder I needed to sport my peter pan collared tops more often.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I'm a bit into peter pan collars, too, lately. I just crocheted one. Show you in a couple of posts.



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