Mardi Gras King's Cake

Since I've been to New Orleans, years ago, I wanted to make a King's Cake. Not that I was in New Orleans during Mardi Gras, but I loved that city and all that's in it. Even when you live in the Netherlands, like me, you know about New Orleans and Mardi Gras through movies and books. 
In the Netherlands people are celebrating Carnaval. It's something similar to Mardi Gras and also prior to Lent.

I've told my daughters about Mardi Gras and the King's Cake and hiding a little doll in a cake captured their imagination of course, especially when they heard about the lucky finder who has the right to tell the rest of the family what to do for a whole day!  They've whined about making the cake ever since. And because the whole family is busy on weekdays, sunday was the day!

Unfortunately I didn't have purple food coloring, so the cake only was colored green and gold. But that was okay with my daughters, since for them it was only about the doll and being the boss for a day.

Too bad, it was my husband who found the doll. What had to be a happy day, suddenly turned sad for my oldest daughter, who had been busy all week to make a scheme of all the things she wanted us to do in case she would be boss. Crying all over.
But then again, I think it would be crying all over also when she was boss and we had to tell her that of course she couldn't buy the two hundred dollar robot cat she wants so bad, or of course we couldn't go eating out in the fanciest restaurant in town, only because she was boss. And I think it would be especially crying hysterically all day long in case her sister found the little doll.

Long story short: I think this year was the one and only I made a King's Cake. I found this very simple recipe for the cake here.





My Popcorn/Pretzels/M&M's/Marshmellow Cake from last week was featured

 by My Own Home!! 

 Thank you, Kristina!!  


  1. When I saw this post on Homemade Tuesdays I had to check it out. I live in Louisiana an hour from New Orleans, I'm glad you had a nice visit. About the baby, it is the one who finds it needs to either make or buy the next King Cake. Did you use any type of filling?

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thanks for giving me more information about the cake! I used a filling of pecans, cream cheese, brown sugar and cinnamon.


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