Haunted Doll House: Baby Ghost

~With my husband I started this little collaboration to make a Haunted Doll House for our daughters. My husband makes the house and I make all the spooky dolls. For the patterns I used the little book 'Amigurumi en Monsters' by Tessa van Riet (only in Dutch, unfortunately) and patterns from Pinterest ~

This one I found here.


My Eye Ball Jar was featured by Embracing Change!

Thank you, Stacey!

And my Spooky Pumpkin, from the Haunted Doll House, was featured by Creating My Way To Succes and by Two Chicks and a Mom!

Thank you, Jill and Ali Rose!


  1. How fun! I'm sure you girls love it! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.

  2. SO cute! Shared on pinterest. Thanks for linking up at share the wealth sunday :)


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