String of Red Peppers

Food is good in Italy, nobody can deny that. In Sicily it isn't any different, of course. A lot of the souvenirs in tourist shops have to do with food. Cook books, magnets of lemons, cooking aprons, attributes to cook with, name it and you'll find it. 

What I wanted to buy before we left, was a string of red peppers, one of the local foods we ate a lot. The night we arrived, our host even welcomed us with spaghetti aglio e olio (pasta with garlic, red peppers and olive oil). So it seemed like a proper souvenir. But from the moment I started looking for the pepper strings, I only came along shops that didn't sell it. Have you ever experienced this, too? Fact is: happens to me all the time. Beautiful painted hornbill in Costa Rica, great Hawaiian quilt, the nicest Menorcan avarcas ever seen, I all had to buy them the first time I laid eye on it, because when I wanted to buy it (another time or another place) it was sold, stores didn't have it in that particular town or they didn't have my size anymore.

I still haven't learned my lesson, I guess, because I came home without the string of peppers. So I made it myself, that of course isn't as nice as bringing them from the island, but they look nice in my kitchen anyway.

I used this free pattern.


My Bare Foot Sandals were featured this week by Crafts a la Mode, Creating My Way to Success and Pieced Pastimes!

Thank you, Linda, Jill and Suzanne!


  1. oh my , this is fabulous, we eat these peppers dried all the time so have to make this for my husband! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  2. Isn't that the truth! Buy it when you see it! I love your string of peppers and they will last forever and supply you with endless memories!

  3. That's a clever way round your problem. I find that all the time too, shops are busting at the seams with an item until you are ready to buy then they all magically vanish!

  4. Love the cute peppers you have made. I've never seen crocheted veggies before.


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