Pop Up Reindeer Cards

This week I started making Christmas Cards. It wasn't in my planning to make cards myself, but when I was in my nearby craft store yesterday, I saw beautiful pastel colored paper. That's how it usually goes: I decide to make it an easy Christmas with little home made things, until I see craft supplies that I really like, most of the time because it has nice colors. So there I was, spending another afternoon at the craft table, but I love the result!

The idea and templates for the card I found here


My Flying Saucer Rider was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Two Chicks and a Mom and Sew Can Do!

Thank you, Sara and Donna, Staci & Ali Rose and Cheryl!


  1. What a cute card, it looks like a lot of fun to make too. Sounds like you've had a fun crafty afternoon.

  2. such a cute card! it was worth all the afford and I would leave it for myself :) great work!

  3. That is a wonderful card! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!


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