Bertie Bear's Birthday Party

 Stash Buster 13

 We're still on vacation and will go home tomorrow. On our traveling day home my daughter has her birthday, so we can't celebrate exuberant and can't decorate the house we're staying in. She will get her present when we get home, but I also brought a couple of little presents with me to give her tomorrow before we will take off. I thought it all a bit scanty without garlands and balloons though, so I crocheted a festive little bear to spruce things up. Coincedantally the background wall of the vacation home colors excellent with the bear!



Pattern: Bertie Bear's Birthday Party by MojiMoji Design

Yarn: various colors by Katia



My Daisy Bandana was featured by Creative Jewish Mom, Our Mini Family, Annemaries Haakblog and French Ethereal!



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