Back Home!

This night we came back from our holidays after a four hour flight from Lanzarote. Maybe you've heard about the plane crash in the Ukraine this week, where about 300 people, mostly Dutch, lost their life, so I'm glad I can say I'm back in the Netherlands, save at home. 
Our cats were waiting for us, glad to see us and purring all the time. Only that is reason enough to have cats: they're so happy you're back (mostly because you can fill up their food bowl, of course, after simulating the neighbour didn't feed them for days).

Here are some pics:

Lanzarote is an island belonging to the Canary Islands, a group of vulcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, out of the African coast. The (not that high craters) have all sorts of beautiful red, grey, black and brown colors.

Parque Nacional Timanfaya (picture from ansicht card, as unfortunately they don't do helicopter flights). 
Vulcano Craters (all sleeping).

Fiesta in the village of Playa Blanca. After a procession, where people carried around the sculpture Nuestra Senora del Carmen through town, there was folk music and dancing.

Foggy Surf Beach Famara, although the surf wasn't very high, as you can see.

The beautiful town of Teguise

Church Entrance

Nice little souvenir shop in Teguise

HarĂ­a, also called Valley of Thousands Palms.

The rare Dracaena draco, the  Dragon Blood Tree, that only grows in the Canary Islands and a handfull of other places nearby. 
The juice of the tree is red as blood. 

Windsurfing at Costa Teguise.

Beautiful bougainville.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Nice pics.

  2. This sounds like a fascinating place! It's nice that your cats were well behaved -- our fur boys had a bit of an attitude when we got back from our vacation! .

  3. looks amazing, glad your safely home! thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  4. Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing with the Merry Monday Linky Party!

  5. so scary and crazy about the malaysia flight. thank goodness you arrived home safely. i didn't realize that lanzarote was all volcanic like that. we spent a week in tenerife 3 years ago, and i loved discovering all the little towns.

    1. Thanks for your compassion. It's such a disaster. The Netherlands is such a small country, so everybody knows someone who was on the plane or knows somebody who lost a dear one. Just two steps.

    2. I've never been to Tenerife, but I did go to three of the Canary Islands. The're all volcanic, but all so very different. La Palma is very tropical, Fuerteventura is very sandy and Lanzarote is the most volcanic. Tenerife has the highest volcano in the world, except for Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa in Hawaii. Did you go up there? Seeing El Teide is on my wishlist, so I guess I will go to Tenerife some day, too.

  6. Great pictures - thanks for linking up to the Bloggers Brag Pinterest Party.

  7. I love the Canaries! Your pictures sure brought back memories! visiting from Serenity you, and hope you will visit my blog about our travels..:)


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