Four pillows in a row - The Dahlia

A couple of weeks I told you about the book Haken & Kleur (Crochet & Color in Dutch) that I bought. There's lots of nice patterns in it. I already made the Fly Curtain and this week I finished one of many pillows that are in the book.

The book version is all white, but I like to add some color that match with my other pillows and blankets. My pillow is grey and the dahlia flower is rose and pink. I love the result. Looks like there's some depth in the flower.


My cat Ronnie looking after my yarn...


  1. Pretty cushion and a cute cat, lovely pics :-). Happy weekend!
    Nata xxx

  2. Really like this cushion and the african flower heart cushion too!

  3. Wow I love these cushions. I wish I had paid more attention when my granny was teaching me to knit/crochet so I could do this. Particularly love the dahlia. Love the pic of the cat gearing the wool too!x #creativmondays

  4. So pretty! Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange Linky Party!


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