Sinterklaas Surprise

Tomorrow it's Sinterklaas Eve and that will be celebrated in the morning at the school of my daughters. The kids that are older than eight don't believe anymore that the saint of more than a thousand years old really exist, but because getting a present is fun at any age, in the class of my oldest daughter everybody has to make a surprise present for another kid.

Three weeks before Sinterklaas Eve the kids draw lots, so plenty of time to make something. In theory, at least. And in our head, so every year, when we have just three days left, we suddenly think about the surprise present and have to hurry to fix something nice. 

This year my daughter drew the same boy she had last year (how's that even possible in a class of 34 kids). Boy's only hobby is soccer and we made a soccer ball last year, so we had to come up with something else this year. After some thinking we decided to make a chocolate letter. 

 In it sits a real chocolate letter and a pencil case as a present. 

Hopefully my daughter will draw somebody else next year, because we don't know what to make more for the boy :-) .


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