The things I really wanted this year and actually are mine now:

As you can see I only got three of the things from my Wanted-list. Not that I didn't buy any new clothes this year, but to be honest the things I bought didn't look like the clothes I 'Wanted' at all. I'm totally back to hoodies and jeans, because they're so much more comfortable for me. I have to change clothes a couple of times a day,  because of my job (I'm an OR nurse), so dresses and such aren't practical at all. 

Besides I find it more and more difficult to find nice clothes that don't look like something I featured in 'Wanted' before, so I want to try something new. 
I find a lot of inspiration at Pinterest and starting this week I want to feature something on Friday I think is worth making and then show you my own interpretation of it next week. I will call it 'Made It!'. 

The first Pinterest wanna-make is a little rabbit rattle for a baby I'm going to admire next week. 

If you'd like to crochet along, you can find the pattern here. And of course I would like to see your interpretation!


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