Staphorster Stipwerk

In the country I live in, The Netherlands that is, different regions have different traditions. If you keep in mind that The Netherlands are only about 42,000 square kilometers, I think that's marvellous. One of that regional traditions, or even town committed, is artisanal painting. Most of the time the paintings are flower themed, like this. 

. When I was a child, I think about twelve years old, I was fascinated by this kind of paintings and wanted it to learn myself. Not that I was from a region where artisanal painting was common, by the way. I  wasn't particular interested in flowers either, so what makes this sort of painting interesting to me: don't know.
For my birthday I got a book about how to make artisanal art, paint, pencils and something to smear the paint on, namely a wooden chopping board. For weeks I was busy painting everything made of wood I found around the house. Then I had enough of it and never ever thought about it again. 

Until I saw artisanal painting in the house of my old neighbour a couple of days ago. And now the fascination is back. Unfortunately with my fascination somehow my art work has disappeared all those years ago, too. No idea where it's been gone. When I was young, I liked to paint flowers like in the picture above, which is from a town called Hindeloopen, but nowadays I like the painting from Staphorst more. It's called Staphorster Stipwerk (dot work from Staphorst) and is made from only blue, green, yellow, red and white dots on a black background. Love it! 

I had to try this myself as soon as possible, because that's one of the features of my character: no patience. If I have inspiration, I can't wait. Otherwise I can't sleep. So with the things I had, a glass jar and glass paint in colors that aren't the right colors I made this. Just for practice.

And after I made this and searched for more glass things I could paint, to my delight I found my acrylic paint in my daughter's bed room and empty canvas and made this:

My next Staphorster Stipwerk Project I already found: 

As an OR nurse I'm obliged to walk on clogs, but this pair is so much more stylish than the white leather ones I wear now! I just need those!


My Easter Bunny is featured by April J Harris, by Coffee with Us 3, by Annemaries Haakblog, by Creative Jewish Mom, Two Chicks and a Mom and by The Cottage Market this week!

Thank you, April, Lucy&Jamie&Kerry, Annemarie, Sara, Ali Rose and Andrea!


  1. Love your Staphorster Stipwerk artwork, can see a wonderful project for my children to try, thank you.

  2. Gosh, I love that style of painting! It looks like even I, who can't draw a recognizable stick figure, might be able to do it. Yours is beautiful, btw.

  3. Good evening Liz, I love your painted tray. In the 1970s a friend gave me a gift of a wooden chopping board which he had handpainted with flowers and I still have it hanging in my kitchen as i really love it.
    I love the painted dots, but flowers always steal my heart.... I have to say, those wooden clogs are very special.
    Best Wishes

  4. I didn't know what that type of painting was called but I do like it. Your projects came out so great. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

  5. What a pretty style of decorating. Glad you shared it with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  6. I have never heard of this style of painting. That clog is amazing! The first photo reminds me of rosmaling. I use to teach tole painting and have done a few pieces. We always called the dots tootie dots. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. This is beautiful, I'm not surprised you wanted to get stuck in straight away. It reminds me a little of aboriginal dot paintings.

  8. Liz I really like this. It is so crisp. The dots make a whole picture. It has an element of handmade, like when you are doing needlepoint work. Keep it up and let's see where it takes you. I'd also love to try this.

  9. Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW's DIY Party!


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