Tropical Relax Bag for Teachers

Next week is the last week of school before summer holidays finally start, so this week my daughters and I were busy making gifts for their teachers. 
The class parent ordered all children to make paper flowers and to write compliments on it for the teachers, so she can put them all together and make a garland of it. We made the Calla Lilies, as showed earlier this week. 
But of course my daughters also wanted to give something of their own. I bought paper bags that my daughters could write and draw on and filled them with some relaxing summery stuff.

My daughters drew all sort of tropical things on the bags.


I made tags for the bags with text. It's in Dutch, as you can see, but it says something like 'after putting lots of effort into us this year, hopefully this vacation you can unstress with the things in this bag'. In Dutch this rhymes, haha!
Besides a pineapple stress ball, nail polish, face mask and a mug with straw, we filled the bag with some homemade things. My daughters made Bracelets and I made Ice Cone Key Chains again. 


  1. Such a cute idea and I bet greatly appreciated! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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