Boho Bag with Fringes

 Months ago I made this little Boho Bag, I only had to attach the fringes before it was finished. And that's my core problem: I start lots of projects and as the end nears I get bored and want to start something new. Some projects I just never finish.

Actually, that's the reason I started this blog in the first place. I can't show you half finished crocheted projects, or just the batter but not the whole cake, or cut out fabrics but not the clothes, so starting this blog was to force myself to go on until something is completed, because I want to post the things I make twice a week. 

But still every once in a while a project is set aside because it takes too much to time to finish it before my own set deadline (no, I put no pressure at all on my own shoulders, that's so not me) and as soon as it's out of sight for a while for some reason I just can't bear it to take it up again to finish it. So I start something new then. 

Such was the case with this bag. This week I was looking for a particular color of yarn in my yarn baskets and while digging and delving, this bag came up from the depths. And suddenly it didn't seem such an enormous job anymore to attach some fringes, so here it is.


The Doily Table Runner I made a couple of weeks ago, was featured by God's Growing Garden!

Thank you, Angelique!


  1. Ah Liz, I do that too, get all excited about starting something new and then as soon as i figure I can do it, it's on to the next new thing. YOur boho bag looks lovely. I'm glad it popped out and that you got it finished

  2. I think we can all be like that, distracted by a new idea and the almost finished project gets buried at the bottom of a bag or box. Nice to find a hidden gem though when it does come to life!
    This bag is really pretty. I'm interested in how you did the handles, are they covered plastic tubing or something else?

  3. What a cute bag! Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle. Pinning.


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