Made It #5

~Since I pinned lots of recipes on my Pinterest boards through the years, but never made anything from the pinned items, I've set myself a goal to try one recipe per week to reduce the overload~

As promised I made the King Cake Bites, but I'm sorry to say: they don't look quite as nice as the bites in the pictures that came with the recipe. I'm used to that, when I bake sweet stuff like cake and cookies most of the time it looks like a total failure, so I hope you're not disappointed. 

The taste was good, but the sugar and icing that I made to decorate the bites, didn't look like purple, green and yellow at all as you can see in the picture below. 

So, oooon to the next recipe...


Next week some good friends will come over for lunch and I want to make an all Mexican menu from recipes that are on my Pinterest board for ages. The first one I'm going to try is the Corn Soup.  I never had corn soup, so the taste will be sort of a surprise, but I think corn soup totally fits in an all Mexican menu.

I you want to cook along: the recipe is to find here.


The Vegetarian Enchiladas that I made last week are featured by The Cottage Market!

Thank you so much, Andrea! Also for giving me hope to turn the whole family into vegetarians some day!


  1. They do look just a little bit different to the photo on the recipe but if they tasted good who cares! Vivid colours with food colouring can be really difficult to get right.

  2. I like the idea of King Cakes in bite size form! Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Liz!


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