Valentine Jars

A while ago I told you about all the disposable vegetable jars I keep to use for whenever. I'm about to disappear underneath a layer of vegetable jars so I thought maybe it would be a nice idea to use some of them for Valentine's Day. I bought a white and red glass paint pencil and a chalkboard pencil, so I could draw what I wanted to see on the jars with chalkboard pencil first. The chalkboard pencil is easily wiped away in case of errors or if you just don't like your design. When totally satisfied, you can trace your drawings or writings with the glass paint pencil. After baking the jars in the oven,  you can wipe of the rest of the chalkboard paint. 

Another tip: if you're not very good at handlettering or drawing you can place a drawing or text behind the glass and trace it directly on the glass with a glass paint pencil. 

Some tealights in the jars will do the rest! Gives nice patterns on the walls, too!


  1. These are so pretty, Liz! What a great way to recycle your jars in a really beautiful way! Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party!


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