Mirror Glaze Cake

On my Instagram account I follow people with different interests, from baking cakes to crochet and from decoration to vintage clothing. On one of them I found the most beautiful cakes and it's here that I first heard of mirror glaze. It's a sort of icing that mirrors your face when you look in it. Of course I wanted it to try it, but a good recipe for the glaze isn't so easy to find, so I tried something myself. 

It's gleaming, but not really mirroring. So I have to refine the recipe. 

The cake bottom is a large heart shaped cookie and between the cookie and the glaze sits mokka bavarois. The taste of the cake is delicious, absolutely delicious, but next time I want my glaze to look like this: 



My Flower Medaillon was featured by Creative Jewish Mom!

 Thank you, Sara!



  1. These are both so pretty, but where are the instructions?

  2. I think it def looks mirroring! I haven't tried this trick yet, but I love the way yours came out. I bet it tasted delish as well!

  3. I'm so happy you came to share this at the Whimsical Wednesdays Link Party! Have a wonderful week Liz!


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