Fall Wreath

Making a wreath was on my to do list for a couple of weeks, but I just didn't take the time to shop for the right necessities. Yesterday though, I was looking for a broomstick to attach to my new birdhouse, so it can stand sort of in the middle of the garden instead of within reach of my hunting cat, and totally by accident my eye fell on the wreath making supplies. 

This morning I took all stuff outside and sat, mid october, in lovely sunshine to craft a wreath. I was accompanied by my other cat, the fighting one, who wanted to help a bit by laying down on the yet to finish wreath. Cats, you gotta love'em. And I do!

Anyway, here are the wreath and the birdhouse:

The wreath is embellishing my front door and as you can see the birds haven't discovered the birdhouse yet, so despite the delicious bird food in it, the place is still empty.


My Crocheted Gazelle, Cactus Cake and Happy Cactus were all featured by Creative Jewish Mom!!

Thank you very much, Sara!



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