Meu Mundo Mandala

Now that I've picked up my crochet hook again, I found out that what I like making the most at the moment is things for the house. I started this large (as in a 1 meter diameter) mandala a couple of weeks ago. I finished it yesterday and although I really like the pattern in itself, I have doubts about the colors I used.

I like natural colors and brown is the most natural of all, I guess, but somehow I don't really like the outcome, at least not for my home I mean. I used Caramel Core Blimey by Scheepjes and my mouth watered by the sound of it. Maybe that's why I wanted to use that color so readily, because of the caramel.

The intention was to hang the mandala in the living room above the piano, as soon as the walls are plastered, but I think I'm going to sell it and make another mandala in another color. What do you think?

In the first picture shows better what the colors are, the second shows the pattern better.

Yarn: Caramel Core Blimey by Scheepjes

Pattern by: Meu Mundo Craft

For a larger, better to read pattern of the mandala: Meu Mundo Mandala



  1. I absolutely love the pattern. I like the colours but if you are not happy with it now, you probably won't be later. I'd make another one that you will love.

  2. I love the soft look of this color combination, but can imagine it just as well as in other colors. Whatever color you use, it's beautiful.

  3. I'm on vacation now and can't wait to get home to try this pattern. It's beautiful!

  4. Is there a written pattern for this just don't get the diagrams

    1. I don't know if there's a written pattern, as I only used the diagram.

      The link in the post is a direct link to the person who designed and made the mandala. Maybe she has a written pattern for you.



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