Wrap Skirts

My teen daughter had a request once again. More than one, actually. She had found a tutorial for a really nice skirt on YouTube and asked me to make one for her. And because I really like it that my daughter wants to wear clothes that are made by her mother, off we went again to buy the fabrics of preference. The tutorial didn't seem difficult, not as if it would take days to make one skirt, so we bought three different designs.

Instead of making a little production line, I made one skirt at the same time. Fortunately, because after making the first skirt, I found it to be a bit short. Also the skirt fell open with every slight lift of the leg. With a legging underneath my daughter saw no problem in wearing it, but my idea was to make the other two skirts just a tiny bit longer.

Not only did I give the two other skirts a bit more length, but I also made one of both sides of the skirt straight instead of rounded, so it wouldn't fall open.

My daugther loves all three of them, but due to its color (lila) the last one is her favorite.

Pattern: Wrap Skirt Tutorial on YouTube by Alicia Yanson

Fabrics: cotton (1 meter of each)


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  1. your skirts looks great and not only your daughter would love to wear them :) I think I may try to sew one for myself - thank you for link to the tutorial <3

  2. Those are super cute skirts! I am going to be so sad the day my girls won't wear clothes that I made them.

  3. These skirts are so pretty! I really love the fabric you used for the first skirt. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely skirts at the Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party! Have a great week!!!

  4. Sounds like your daughter is pretty smart and figured out a way to her mother's heart and have a great wardrobe at the same time. The skirts are so pretty. Thanks for sharing. #HomeMattersParty

  5. The skirts are adorable!

  6. Very cute skirts for summer. I love all three but my fav has to be the first one just because I love all things red. Your pretty skirts are my feature this week at the Snickerdoodle Party! Thanks for linking up with us.


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