Crate Full of Pumpkins

Stash Buster 16

 Last week my youngest daughter, who is still in elementary school, made a little crate at school. There's a school subject called manual dextery and apparently one of the things they teach there is carpentry. Looks like my daughter has talent for wood and nails (not inherited by me, that's for sure); I thought the little crate so pretty that I wanted it to use for Fall decoration. This week I crocheted a couple of pumpkins to fill the little crate with.

Patterns: I didn't use instructions, but you can find patterns for similar looking pumpkins here and here

Yarn: various colors by Katia




  1. Your pumpkins are so cute and it looks like they fit perfectly in your daughter's crate.

  2. How talented is she?! Yesterday my youngest came in to hang out with me in my craft room and saw my spackle. He asked what it was and I told him and explained I was going to use it to fill holes in a wood frame that comes under stretched canvases, He filled them all for me. Like really deep long slits that come that way on the wood. It's amazing what our little ones can do when we get them away from screens! The little crate is just so cute, and I love the fuchsia and burgundy pumpkins! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade! I hope to see you on Traffic Jam Weekend Link Party as well! I know our readers will love it.

  3. The crate and your pumpkins came out great!

  4. The colors you chose are so much fun! I do not do any yarn crafts (yet!) but I might have to start with these! Happy Fall!

  5. I love this!! I have a covered front porch that this would look nice on. I will add a few solar string lights! Perfect! You are my pick for #Trafficjamweekend! Thanks for linking up!

  6. Your daughter did a great job with it. And of course the pumpkins are the perfect accessory to add to it. Thanks for linking up. #HomeMattersParty


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