How were your holidays? Spend the days with the people you love? Enjoyed delicious meals? Got pretty presents? And also thought a little while about the actual reason we celebrate Christmas?
My holidays were great! Christmas Eve I spend with my little family and my in laws. First Christmas Day (in The Netherlands we celebrate a first and a second Christmas Day) we went over to my brother’s, were my whole family was gathered: parents, sister with boyfriend and our hosts of cours, my brother, his girlfriend and his little daughter. We shared a light lunch and after that we played a little game. It does not translate very well, but let’s call it ‘throwing the dice’, which I never played before. 

Rules of the game (you can skip this text in cursive if you don’t like/hate games)

Everybody who wanted to play, had to buy one present (some days before Christmas, that is). The rules of the game are as follows: everybody takes turns in throwing the dice and when you throw six, you can choose one of the presents.  Of course you choose the thing you like the most. When everybody has  a present the game really begins. Somebody has to set an alarmclock without telling the others at what time the clock will be ringing. Everybody keeps taking turns in throwing the dice, following the rules below. There are six possibilities, dependent on the number you throw.
  1.   Everybody has to give his/her present to the person on the left
  2.   Everybody has to give his/her present to the person on the right
  3.   Throw again
  4.   Pass over your next turn
  5.   Change present with the person right or left from you
  6.   Change present with somebody of your own choice
Goal of the game is to have the present you like the most in your possession as the alarmclock rings. 

I won a pretty little birdfeeder! 

Later we went out for diner. There were a lot of perfect moments this day (especially because it was a long time since we all spend Christmas together), but the best were my two girls, who played without fighting the whole day long and behaved so very well in the restaurant.

The second day of Christmas, we didn’t do much but eating lunch in a restaurant with my parents and watching movies on the couch. 
As far as the presents on my wish list: I didn’t get any of them, but instead I now have the most beautiful bird feeder!

I hope your holidays were as great as mine were! 


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