Crochet Watermelon

Last week I shared a crochet pineapple, as one of the fruits I love when summer is coming. Only the fresh ones, of course. But my all time favorite is watermelon. 

The combination watermelon, feta cheese and mint leaves makes the best summer salad in the world! Best winter salad, too, but in my corner of the world watermelon isn't widely available in wintertime. 

Both my favourites together.


  1. Oh I love crochet and knitted play food. So much better than plastic.

  2. This is SOOOOO cute! Crochet play foods are adorable! Also, I love watermelon salad too! My family puts olives in it, as well! SOOOO YUMMY. I wasn't always a fan though.

    Thanks for linking up over at the Ladies Collective Linkup! Hope to see you back again next week <3

    Stephanie @

  3. Ohhh Yes I love that summer salad you mentioned(in mines also goes some cutted black olives and a cutted red union)Your pineapple and watermelon are sooooo lovely!♥♥♥

  4. These are so cute. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

  5. Super cute! And yum, that salad sounds good :) #bloggersbrags

  6. What a cute watermelon! I can barely crochet a line, that must have required some skills! Pinning from Blogger Brags.

  7. Love this! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - We hope to see you again next week!
    Life With Lorelai


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