Co-host at the Fine Craft Guild Party!!

For my Ibiza Style Shawl I won a price for being the most clicked project, namely being co-host at the link party of Rose from Fine Craft Guild. The pattern was designed by Barbara, from Busy Fingers Busy Life and I made it for my daughter.

So here's the party, hosted by Rose from Fine Craft Guilds and co-hosted by me!!


Hello everyone! Thank you all for sharing with us last week, and welcome back to those who were on vacation! It's time for our weekly SHARE IT fest to share and review of what we've all been up to. I love visiting all of you and am pleased that this week I actually found time for that, to leave some messages with you all and to pin my favorites... Thank you. Thank you.

How to Participate, Get Featured Next Week and Get Free Advertising & Promotion

As you know last week, I had the honor of being invited to co-host the Creative Muster's linky party and have adopted its party etiquette, which is loaded of giveaways for you who participate. These new rules of the game are a bit tentative. I want to see if you like them before I set them in stone.

SHARE IT - Linky Party Etiquette

Here is the new party etiquette, with LOTS OF GIFTS FOR YOU! FineCraftGuild shareit linky party etiquette

SHARE IT Linky Party Badges

You can grab your party badge to post on your blog, or just use a text link. That's fine too.
share it sunday linky party badge Click in the text box on the right, Ctrl A (to select all), and Ctrl C (to copy). Then, paste the code on your blog. Thank you for doing so.

Party Host

As per always, your party host is Rose, from FineCraftGuild. Follow me!
. . . .

Party Co-host

liz howling  At the moon This week's linky party winner was Liz from Howling at the Moon. Please follow Liz directly from her blog. She does not have a lot of social media buttons but you can follow her blog directly!

Party Feature

Liz shared her fabulous crochet triangle shawl in raspberry sorbet color. The crochet pattern was designed by Barbara, from Busy Fingers Busy Life. It's free on Barbara's blog. I love the color. Oh, it's so personal. --> Get the pattern!

SHARE IT 25 - linky party

This week's party is here: Thank you again for partying with us!! I appreciate you sharing your wonderful ideas. The party isn't the same without you.
When you link up, this means that you love for us to Pin, G+ and/or otherwise promote your wonderful photos & ideas across social media platforms and on this blog, and you are giving us permission to use your photos and ideas for this purpose. Typically, themed-features will/can be promoted on an ongoing basis. Those that are featured in next week party in the party post are typically promoted during that party week. Exceptions apply.


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