Sail 2015

Last week we had Sail In on Wednesday and Sail Out on Sunday in Amsterdam (capital of The Netherlands, for who has no idea), the biggest nautical event in the world. 
I'm not particular fond of boats (sea sickness may have something to do with that), although my father was a sailor before he got children, and made yachts for the rich and famous later in his life, but Tall Ships really impress me. 
So I took pictures!

 The flagship Stad Amsterdam, The Netherlands

MIR, Russia

Etoile du Roy, France

Goteborg, Sweden

Kruzenshtern, Russia

ARC Gloria, Colombia

ARC Gloria, Colombia

Sedov, Russia

De Europa, The Netherlands

Alexander von Humboldt II, Germany


  1. These are breathtaking ships. I would love seeing so many together. I like the idea that so many of them have festive banners flying because it looks so festive. I saw your link at Stacey's Creative Inspirations Link Party.

  2. So beautiful! My ancestors were from Amsterdam too and were fisherman there before coming to America. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful ships with us!

  3. Love your photos. Were you able to go on the ships?

  4. Stunning photos Liz! Thanks for sharing at Five Star Frugal. Love, Mimi xxx

  5. Beautiful photos and these wonder ships.

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a fun day! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday Link Party!

  7. Those ships are so regal! I've always admired the craftsmanship - thank you so much for sharing your photographs!


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