Girly Bags III

One of my colleagues loved the Bracelets and Earrings my daughters (of 8 and 6) made a couple of weeks ago for King's Day and asked if she could buy some of them for her nieces. 

To wrap them up nicely, she asked me to crochet some girly bags. I want to make about eight bags, so she has something to choose from. In a couple of weeks there will be a garage sale in the little village where my brother lives and my daughters have planned to participate with their earrings and bracelets. They can sell the bags my colleague doesn't want, too, and my daugthers can keep all the earnings. I just like it how they learn to deal with money this way. 

The third two bags we called Roses and Kokeshi Sakura.

Together my daugthers and me made up the 'themes' of the bags, but a basic pattern for the bags you can buy here.

The patterns for the Rose and the Kokeshi Doll I made up myself.

The Girly Bags we made so far:



Happy Hippy



My Singlet was featured by Crafts a la Mode, Across the Blvd and Scrapality!

Thank you, Linda,Gloria&Beverly and Andrea!

And my Summer Dress was featured by Creative Jewish Mom this week!

Thanks, Sara!


  1. Beautiful little bags and kokeshi-doll!

  2. I know a girl that would love this bag! Thanks for sharing on the Pleasures of the NW's DIY party!


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