Elena Deer

Last week I found a new magazine named Koel Magazine. Well, actually it found me and liked some of my posts on my Instagram account, which made me curious and made me want to found out what was Koel Magazine.
It happened to be a sort of glossy magazine about yarn crafts. It's quite original, is not only about yarns but also about design and decoration and comes with a lot of ideas, crafty gadgets and information that I had never heard about (punch needling, anyone heard of punch needling before?), but sure want to try one of these days.The only downside is that the magazine is a bit pricy, but I bought the latest issue anyway.

On the website of Koel Magazine I found a couple of free patterns for different yarn arts. My favorite craft is crochet of course and under the crochet head I found this free pattern from Pica Pau (I've posted my results that I made with her patterns on different occasions here on the blog).

I already started the next project. This one is from this magazine. Keep you posted about that.

Other creatures that I made from Pica Pau were:


This week my Felt Toucan was featured by City of Creative Dreams!

Thank you so much, Shanice!


  1. Thank you for sharing these are really cute projects.

  2. What a great crochet designer. I've seen some of her patterns before. I'd not heard of the magazine before.

  3. SO cute! I remembered the little donkey and alpaca from other yarn alongs. Thanks for sharing where you got the free pattern! I am going to save that!

  4. Elena is just lovely, thanks for the link to the pattern, I'm going to pop by and take a look.


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