Albertina Alpaca

Probably you remember the alpaca that I made a couple of weeks ago. A colleague was so enthusiastic about it that she asked me to make one for her, too, but in different colors. Of course I did. I brought it to her myself, mostly because she works in the hospital I worked until three months ago. I decided I wanted to work closer to home, but to be honest, I miss my old colleagues every day. A couple of times I was close to call my old hospital to ask if I could come back, but I'm still working at my job, because I think I must give it a chance. But now that there's a good reason to visit my old job and see my colleagues, I grab the chance. 

Anyway, here's another alpaca:


My Plant Sack was featured by Embracing Change and by Scrapality this week!

Thank you both so much, Stacey and Andrea!


  1. Your alpaca is adorable and hooray for the feature! That's always exciting! The plant sack is so pretty and a fun idea!

  2. Cute Albertina.
    Greets Sofie


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