Pony Sky

 Since about two months we have a little Horse Girl in the house. After my daughter visited a riding school with her friend a couple of times, we had to endure whining about riding lessons every day, so after a couple of weeks we surrendered: we went with her to the riding school to take a look. 

Long story short: she has riding lessons every week now and we can see horse riding makes her very happy. But me, it makes me very nervous. In my work (I'm a scrub and circulating nurse) I never see the best side of horses. Of course I don't want to make my own fear interfere with her happiness, so I let her be the horse girl she wants to be anyway, so for Christmas it's all horse related presents under the tree. 

I love to make at least one of the presents myself, and this time it had to be a horse. Of course. I hope she'll like it. 





Pattern: Pony Sky by Leami

Yarn: Chenille by Lammy Yarn




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  1. Having lots of nurses in the family I suspect there are lots of activities you only get to see the negative side of and that has to be challenging with letting your kids go do them after seeing the potential dangers. I do have family that ride and like many activities there are dangers but there are huge benefits too. Good for you for letting her try.

    Your ami is adorable. She is very lucky to have such a thoughtful Mom.

    1. You're absolutely right! Riding a motorcycle is another activity I rather not see them do, haha! Thanks for the compliments! Have a great week

  2. Cute horse. It would make a great gift for any horse lover :)

    Thanks for linking up and sharing this post with us on our Embracing Home and Family-link up!


  3. OMG !!! What an adorable pony ! Thank you for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party.

  4. My mother never watched me ride. I understand now that I'm a mom and grandma who lets my babies ride, but at the time I thought she didn't care. Good for you for supporting your horse girl!

  5. So adorable, Liz!


  6. When my daughter was little she was also really into horses. But one pony trek on Dartmoor, and we realised she was allergic. We had to do a mad dash to a pharmacy, and even now her skin reacts if she even touches a horse. So however hard, I would say let her be a horse girl.

    1. I really don't want to project my own fear of fractures or worse on my daughter, so she can be as much horse girl as she likes (although I don't have to see everything, like galloping and such, haha). So sad for your daughter she is allergic.


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