Alternative Kitten Proof Christmas Tree

  As you may (or may not) remember we got a little kitten a couple of months ago, named James. He grows very fast, so he isn't that little anymore, but playful the more. Out of precaution I thought it  better not to have a normal tree this year, because from experience I know temptation is just too much for a kitten. It's starts with smashing ball out of the tree and before you know it he will end up in the top of the tree. Worst case scenario: a tree on its side and broken glass ornaments all over the place. 

In the other rooms of the house we have small Christmas trees in heavy pots, that can't fall over, but in the living room I wanted a large tree. So I had to come up with an alternative. 

From a couple of wooden slats I made a Christmas Tree shaped frame and attached Christmas branches to it with binding wire. I hung the frame on the wall, a bit higher than a normal tree's branches will be. The branches on the frame I decorated with lights and ornaments. The result is this: 


 I really love it! Out of reach for James and can't fall over. And another good side issue: the tree doesn't take very much space!


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This is him, the little naughty one, attacking the washing machine


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