Reindeer Cupcakes

Yesterday was the yearly X-mas Diner at the Elementary School of my daughters. On the internet I saw these cute little reindeer cupcakes months ago and I knew that would be the thing I would make for their classes. In the supermarket they sell ready made cupcakes, so they only thing I have to do is add antlers and a nose, I thought.
Of course I didn't think about sold out cupcakes for just one moment, but that was just what was going on when I did my shopping yesterday. And I couldn't bring up the desire to bake forty cupcakes now that I thought the treats would be finished in just an hour.
So the bottom you see in the picture aren't cupcakes, but another cookie (Filled Cook(ie)s, people call them here in The Netherlands; the filling being a mix of sugar and almonds, that tastes a bit like marsipan). A good enough alternative, I think.


  1. Those cupcakes are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing on Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday!

    Wishing you a magical and memorable Christmas and an amazing New Year!


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