Johnny & June

One of my al time favorite artists is Johnny Cash. My dad is big a fan, so I didn't hear much else since my early years and I guess that affected me. Great music! My dad was a sailor before he met my mother and brought his music from the US to our house in the Netherlands.

Another thing I love about Johnny Cash is his love for June Carter. Doesn't anybody want a love like that? So when I saw this quote pass somewhere on the internet, I had to use it.

Both my Swirly Cupcake and Crochet Hibiscus were featured by Creating my Way to Success.

Thank you, Jill!!



  1. I grew up loving John Cash...I saw him in person in the late 50's and he was so handsome I just swooned. lol and yes, he did love his June.

    1. So nice you saw him for real! I haven't (too young for that), but my parents have. I still have the concert announcement poster! Also nice!

  2. Love the quote and your recreation of it.

  3. I saw your wonderful cross stitch at Dare to Share :) Love the quote and love that you are cross stitching. ♥

  4. I love Johnny Cash and what a love story with June indeed! I love seeing your crochet! Pinned all your submissions this week and thanks for stopping by and saying G'day! Looks forward to seeing you next Saturday!

  5. Sweet! Please do share that cupcake and those hibiscus next party, they look fabulous!

  6. thank you very much for joining in and making our Bowdabra Crafty Saturday Showcase, we will look forward to seeing your post next Saturday.
    Warm Regards,
    The bowdabra team

  7. So Cute! Thank you for sharing at Share it One More Time

  8. Your dad sounds like he is wonderfully romantic. I love your personal story behind the quote.

  9. So sweet! Thanks so much for sharing this at #homemattersparty

  10. Thank you so much for sharing this at bloggers brags party. Pinned!

  11. I love personalized cross stitch as reminds me of when I was little! Pinned all your submissions and thanks for sharing it at the Say G'day Party this week!


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