Birthday Cake

This month my oldest daughter will become ten.

 Ten years old!! How did this happen?! Last week she was still a baby! 

Anyway, as is my custom I love to make some of her presents myself and because I just had a three week vacation, I had lots of time to make some things for her (although I also took a lot of time to read this weeks off, because reading is what I love the most; I just don't have enough time).

The first thing I made for her is a crocheted birthday cake inspired by Katharine Sabbath. The 'theme' my daughter chose for her birthday is 'Cats', so this little cake hasn't anything to do with that, it's just for fun.

I got this idea here and here.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a darling cake you've created! Pinning to share!

  2. Congratulations! So funny to see the Katharine Sabbath style in a crocheted cake. It looks really amazing!

  3. What a great gift! I love it �� #wonderfulwednesdays

  4. It's scary how fast our kids grow up - my son is now 24!! I love this sweet crocheted birthday cake - your daughter can keep it forever, unlike a real cake! (Although I know she will have one of those too.) Thank you so much for sharing this fun project with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party, Liz, Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wow... that was a lot of work, but it turned out so nicely. :) A fun gift.

  6. The cake is so cute and I bet she loved it!! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  7. Oh it's amazing! Thanks for sharing at my link party. Best wishes, Annemarie


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