In the summer vacation of 2016 I made my first mochila. That first one was just to practice and now that we're a year further, I think my mochila making skills are improved a little bit. In this year some people asked me to make a bag for them, too. The best assignment was the one from a boots and bags shop owner, who asked me to make two bags for her, in exchange for a couple of boots at choice. No cheap boots to find in her shop, so I considered it a great deal when she let me choose some beautiful Tony Lama boots. I still love them.

This month I made another mochila. I love the colors of these boots, so I chose the same colors for the bag. 



My Crocheted Birthday Cake was featured by Sew Can Do!

Thank you, Cheryl!

And my Peacock Feathers Mochila was featured by The Linky Ladies!

Thanks, ladies!

And my Party Shirt was featured by Grandma Ideas!

Thank you so much, Nina!


  1. Totally awesome! Love the colors!

  2. The boots are awesome and I love that they inspired your pretty mochila. I'm sure you get lots of compliments! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg :)

  3. Wow. Is this hard to do? It's beautiful.

    1. No, not hard (you only use sc stitches), just a lot of work and some counting for making the pattern.

  4. That's so amazing! I went to Colombia years ago and bought a Mochila that I love and have been curious ever since then to learn how to make one! :) Lisa

  5. These Mochila bags you make are just beautiful, something to add to my never ending to do list of things I'd love to try!

  6. Love all your makes but the peacock bag is beautiful. Well done on the exchange, boots for a bag

  7. What a result, the bag and shoes look amazing together. Popping by from #CreativeMondays


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