Howling at the Moon

My husband has cleaned up his shed with tools and machines and found two boxes of mine. They were filled with craft supplies and unfinished projects. Most of it was useless, broken or incomplete, but one of the things in the boxes was an unfinished cross stitch netting to make a pillow with. It had a picture of two cats on a roof, looking at the moon, on it. I didn't even knew I still had that netting but when I saw it, I did remember when and why I bought it. 

Some years ago I had two cats, one totally black, the other one totally white, exactly as on the netting. I still have the white one, Ronnie, who is fifteen years old now. The black one, Sjakie, died more than six years ago. 
I don't like cross stitch pillows at all, but bought it just because of the cats. And when I saw it again, I just wanted to finish the cross stitching. But..., what can I do with it, except for making a pillow? Suggestions, anyone?


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  1. It's cute, why not applique it onto a shopping bag?

  2. Or, if it's truly sentimental, how about getting it framed? I have a few cross stitches under glass in frames on my walls. All that work... it is nice to have it where I can see it without it getting worn out.

  3. You could always frame it as a picture or put it in a box frame with other bits and bobs that remind you of the cats together? It's a lovely memento, I'm glad you found it again!

  4. I love cross stitch, but have never done it on a canvas like that. It might be hard to frame since there isn't much in the way of extra 'fabric around the edges, but I do think it might make a nice bag. It is really cute and a nice reminder of furry loved ones:)

  5. so super cute, I love animals and this is so adorable
    come see us at

  6. I'm sure this bring back memories. I would try to have it framed. Possibly put a mat around since you don't have a large edge around the sides. It truly is beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  7. Liz, This reminds me of my own cats, I have a midnight black cat, and a white cat with a few black spots. I'm wondering if you can make it into a cover for a three ring binder if you use something like that to keep patterns in? The tote bag is a good idea too. You'll have to let us know what you decide!

  8. This is great, we once had a legend of a cat, he was famous in our village for bossing all the other cats#partyinyourpjs@_karendennis

    1. Maybe yours was a brother of my cat. Ronnie, my white tomcat, is bossing, or maybe it's better to say terrorizing, the other cats in the neighbourhood as long as we live here. As soon as other cats see him outside the house, they're hiding everywhere. Although he becomes more calm now that he's sort of a elderly cat, the other cats are still afraid of him.

      In the picture he's about one year old en quite undamaged, but nowadays he goes around with half a tail (had to be amputated after a fight with bites and infections), ragged ears and scratches all over.

  9. What a lovely cross stitch project! I'm sorry one of your cats is no longer with you. This is a lovely way to remember him though. Thank you so much for sharing with us at The Hearth and Soul Link Party.

  10. A great cross stitch project and a wonderful remembrance! I keep thinking that I want to get back to doing cross stitch again.


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