Made It! #33

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make a recipe of my boards every week. Since I have lots of recipes pinned (that, until now, I just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards ~

September is my most favorite month of the year. Normally, I would say. In the part of the world where I live (The Netherlands, that is) fall is in the air, but most days are sunny and the light is beautiful. Not weather that makes me want to heat up the house, close the curtains in the evening and light the candles. This year though it's raining from the first day of the month up until now and more rain is in the forecast. So the Pumpkin Spice Smoothie I last week announced to make fits totally in. 

And it became my all time favorite smoothie, I can tell you! If you like pumpkin spice, you really have to try this one! 


Now that raspberries are still available in stores, I want to make this delicious looking Raspberry Almond Breakfast Cake. I don't normally eat cake for breakfast (I eat yoghurt with oat flakes and fruit or I drink a smoothie), but I don't mind to try!


  1. Both of these recipes look great! thanks for the links....

  2. This smoothie looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  3. Lovely autumnal recipes, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. I always pin and never make too, but now that Fall is on it's way my kitchen opens back up for play. I'll have to try this one. Thank you for sharing at Designing You!

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