Star Blanket

A while ago I saw the most beautiful wool by Scheepjes, called Whirl, turning from one color into another while crocheting or knitting. I loved the wool but didn't really know what to make with it, until I found this (free) pattern for a blanket. 

The blanket is really easy to make. When you're a tight crocheter, like I am, I would recommend to use a larger hook or more wool to get a bigger blanket. The pattern says the blanket will be about 104 cm wide after 37 rounds, but even after doing 50 rounds, my blanket only measures just 90 cm.  

The Scheepjes Whirl I used is called Liquorice YumYum. I love licorice (or drop, as it is called here in The Netherlands)!


Keeping It Simple has written a post about crochet and featured three of my projects!

The Easter Bunny

Bare Foot Sandals

Haasjes Head

Thank you so much, Kaysi!!


  1. That is lovely! Now to fine a gradient I like.

  2. Gorgeous blanket! I love how the yarn gradually changes color like that and I love the shape.

  3. Wow, so pretty...You've given me inspiration for the Caron Cakes I purchased! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Beautiful! Especially with the gradient yarn!

  5. I made one of these for my new granddaughter. I loved the pattern. Super easy. Yours is gorgeous!

  6. What a lovely blanket and pattern. I'd love to start crocheting again. You have some great tutorials to get me back in the game!

  7. This gradient is perfect! I always have such an issue with variegated yarn but I think I could work with this one. Your blanket turned out very lovely! Thank you for sharing at Designing You!

  8. So unique and beautiful! thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  9. Nice! Sleeping under a star - a personal star...

  10. That's beautiful! It looks so soft and almost ethereal even. Thanks for sharing this at the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. Hope you found some new friends and had fun as well.

  11. What a lovely way to use a whirl. Beautiful


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