Haasjes Head

Readers who are visiting my blog once in a while, may have seen our Flemish giant Haasje come along in posts. Beside Haasje we also have two cats, Ronnie and Dolly. I want to make a portrait gallery of our pets. 

A couple of years ago I asked a painter to make paintings of the cats I then had, Sjakie and Ronnie, and this week I made a trophy head of Haasje. When all portraits are finished (I have to make a portrait of Dolly yet) I will show you the whole wall, but here's Haasje.

As a guideline to make this trophy head I used the book Animal Heads by Vanessa Mooncie. At some points I altered the pattern a bit (I only worked in circles instead of rows, for example, because I like the pattern of the stitches more when working in rounds). I also made different eyes, because I wanted the head look like Haasje as much as possible, with little lashes under his eyes and everything. 
For the whiskers I used stitches I got from the OR (I'm an OR nurse by profession) that we couldn't use any longer because they weren't sterile anymore. The whiskers may look rumpled, but that's just how Haasjes whiskers look.  

In fact, the whole resemblance happens to be great, I think.


My Cats Cross Stitch Project was featured by Oombawka Design! I was looking for a purpose for the project, but now that I just wrote the above post about the Pets Portrait Wall, I thought maybe it's nice to add it to the wall.

Thanks, Rhondda!


  1. It's definitely a good resemblance - and looks like it was a lot of fun to make!

  2. Wow, this is totally awesome! I love it! Pinned to share.

  3. Too cool! I've seen similar style trophy heads like this one selling for big bucks lately. So neat that you were able to make your own!

  4. Cute! Kind of like family portraits. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  6. Cute and interesting! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration Link Party :)


  7. I think the crochet trophy heads are so cute and you did a great job on the resemblance. Your pet wall is the purrfect place for the cross stitch! Thank you for sharing at Designing You!

  8. He is fabulous, what a fun thing to make.

  9. Wow!! What a cute bunny head!! Very creative! Thanks for linking up to #merrymonday We hope you will visit us again! https://ourcraftymom.com/merry-monday-link-party-171/


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