Alicia Alpaca

Next week my youngest daughter has her Birthday. She will be become nine years old and when I asked what she wants the most for her Birthday, she answered that she really wants to go to London for a couple of days, because she wants to see the Big Ben. Don't you love that?! I don't know how she got the idea, but I really like it. Making memories with the whole family is so much better than more and more and more stuff, just after Sinterklaas and Christmas. I don't even know what to give anymore. 

So, London it will be. But because we will not be in London yet on the Birthday itself, I want to give her a little present. The animal she likes the most at the moment is an alpaca, so I made one for her from the book Animal Friends of Pica Pau from Yan Schenkel. I also bought her a couple of books about London, to get in the mood.


  1. Well that is the sweetest alpaca I've ever seen. Enjoy London x

  2. Wow! That's fantastic! My daughter's birthday is coming up next week as well. It's always interesting to figure out gifts so close to Christmas.

  3. Adorable! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling sunday, great to reconnect in 2019!

  4. So cute!! Enjoy London! Thanks for linking up at Sweet Inspiration!

  5. Captured the nature and expression of an alpaca. Awesome :)
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