Rope Plant Hangers

For some reason every plant that I ever bought in my life, ended up dead after just a couple of weeks. Time and time again I bought a plant every now and then, to see if my vibrations, or aura, or spirit companions, or whatever had a better outcome on a new plant in my house and I'm very happy to say that since about six months such is the case! Not all plants, I must say (the ficus for example still hasn't a long life when it lives in my house, and I really don't know why), but most of them stay alive, and not only that, they grow! 

In the town I live is the most adorable little plant shop, with all kinds of special plants and exotic flowers. Sometimes I just find that I deserve new plants, because apparantly I take such good care of them lately, so yesterday I went in and bought three new ones. Because the window sills are full, I had to change to hanging plants, and besides those two I bought a little terrarium. 

For the hanging plants I made hangers myself by rope. 

Also in the same little plant shop: these adorable little chickens, that almost look like the real ones. So cute!


My Spring Cake was featured by April J Harris and The Answer is Chocolate!

Thanks, April and Carol!


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