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We all had such a great week here in The Netherlands! After a couple of years of having a winter that just wasn't a winter, with no snow or ice, this year finally the temperatures dropped low enough and for long enough to freeze all lakes, ditches, canals and channels, so we finally could skate on natural ice! Skating fever took over because skating is in the Dutch people's blood. It's were we grow up with.

In my youth we could skate every year, most years for a couple of weeks in a row, but the last years winters were a bit limp. After almost a year now of staying inside as much as possible and seeing not many people, all due to covid (what else), this week of frozen waters and finally being able to use our skates after a couple of years, was no less than a present! We all needed it. 

For me it meant a lot more work in the operation theater, because I had a couple of night shifts, but I was just glad we could help everybody with fractures and such. After a strict lock down and a curfew the numbers of infected people and corona patients in the hospitals are dropping, so luckily there's room again for other unfortunate patients. 

My daughters and husband were skating every day, though. For my oldest, who doesn't like hats, I made a turband that came along in my Insta feed this week, just in time for this cold weather. For another project, that will appear here on the blog later, I bought a skein of blue Softfun Denim. What was left of it was just enough to make this turban.


Pattern: Crochet Headband (free pattern) by Esther from Happy in Red

YarnSoftfun Denim by Scheepjes


  1. LOVE that little twist in the band!

  2. Whoah!! I LOVE this headband, well done. I also wore my headband a lot the last weekend when ice skating. It was so lovely to be out! Hope things will quiet down soon in the OR!!

  3. I love that turban, so cute! My crochet skills are very basic, but I think maybe I could make this. How nice that you got to skate, finally! I LOVED ice skating when I was young, especially high school. Have a great week!

  4. Love it! I hate wearing hats so this is perfect for our brutal Canadian winter. Love the variegated yarn too.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pattern link, I've been meaning to find a pattern and make one of these for my daughter :)

  6. How cute ! Thanks for sharing with us at Meraki Link Party.

  7. I have a friend who grew up here in Illinois with me but relocated to your country when she got married. She loves it there and I am sure loves the cold weather as well thanks for sharing your story I enjoyed reading it come see us at

  8. How pretty! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. Great project. I am so glad you got out and enjoyed some winter weather! Stay warm. #HomeMattersParty

  10. I love this stitch, and they yarn is so pretty!

    1. I love this turban so much, so I chose it as one of my features at this weekend's Snickerdoodle Create Bake Make Link Party! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  11. Love it, thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday, and so glad you got some skating weather!~


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