Delft Blue Beads for Home Deco

 Last week I followed a workshop 'Make your own Delft Blue Tile', because I really love Delft Blue. We learned a bit about the history of Delft Blue, how the Dutch got the idea from China in the sixteenth century and brought it back to the Netherlands. The porcelain it was made of gave it a very delicate appearance, but only the puissant rich could afford this type of china. A bit cheaper variety was invented, made of another type of clay, that didn't turn white after baking, but was glazed white afterwards.

One of the things I hoped to learn in the workshop was making by own Delft Blue vases, plates and tiles, but it turned out the items have to be baked off in an oven that can reach 1200 degrees Celsius, which I don't have. Also, the cobalt paint blocks that we used aren't available at every streetcorner, so I guess my self made Delft Blue collection will be just this one tile.

 In the Delft Blue store I bought beads, that I made into a chain to use for home decoration on an etagere.


My Delft Blue Tile was featured by Create With Joy, God's Growing Garden, My Crafty Zoo and Zucchini Sisters!



  1. Your Delft blue tile is quite beautiful! I'm sorry it's not something you'll be able to do easily on your own with the special oven. I especially adore those beads, though! I can think of many ways I could use those. Have a great day! -Andrea

  2. Well at least you learned something new and had fun and now have a few pretty things for your home. It turned out beautifully #HomeMattersParty

  3. Your beads and the tile are lovely. Even though you can't make your own, you must have enjoyed the experience.
    Thanks for adding all your posts to the FWF party fun.

  4. Love this idea, Liz! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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