Delft Blue Tile Workshop

 A couple of weeks ago I went for a workshop Delft Blue Painting with two colleagues. I have painted a little chair in Delft Blue style a while ago, but somehow the colors didn't look like Delft Blue at all, but after the introduction prior to the actual painting, I understood why. I used different colors of blue, but Delft Blue is done all in one color of blue; the darkness of the blue is determined by the amount of water you mix it with.

The blue that's used for Delft Blue painting is cobalt. We got a tile to practice on, brushes and a little piece of compact cobalt, that looked totally black. After outlining a flower with a pencil (a design we had to practice with), we had to wet the cobalt and could paint, starting with the lightest color of blue, which looked grey on the tile. To get a darker blue we had to add more cobalt and we ended with the darkest blue. To get the blue color the tile has to be baked off at 1200 degrees Celsius. 

After the practicing round, things got serious. We had to chose a design to our likes and the whole process started over: outlining with pencil, outlining with a very thin brush, coloring from light to dark.
I chose a tulip, which is my favorite flower. After I was finished my tile looked like this:

And then we had to wait a couple of weeks. Because no one has an oven that reaches 1200 degrees Celsius, we had to leave the tile behind, so it could be send to the Delft Blue Baking Off Factory ( or whatever it's called) and was delivered at our door after it was finished. 

This is what my tile looks like after baking: 

I had such a great afternoon and would love to do this again. Unfortunately the supplies you need to make this kind of art, are not easy to get your hands on. Maybe I will follow the masterclass they offer. We will see. Would be great if I could make something like this. Tulip vases are my favorite.

In case you are interested ánd are in Amsterdam some time, you can sign up for a workshop here



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  1. This is wonderful. I have been on a blue and white kick for the past year, so this caught my eye. I will have to keep this in mind when we visit Amsterdam. We went a couple of years ago for a couple of days, but did not get a chance to explore much.

  2. I had no idea how the different shades of blue are done. How very cool! Your painted tile is fabulous.

  3. That is so stunning, it must be so hard getting the end colours right when working in a totally different colour to start with xxx

  4. Gorgeous - I absolutely love the look of blue tiles!
    Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? Life of an Earth Muffin

  5. Your tile is lovely. Making any kind of ceramics is a hard job. Painting 3 even coats for glaze can be so frustrating and your painting in underglaze even more so!

  6. Thank you SO much for sharing your creativity at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy.
    I have always loved the classic look of white and cobalt blue - it soothes my soul!
    Congrats for being a Featured Guest at our party this week! :-)

  7. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  8. Gorgeous tile project. It is always fun to learn a new skill.

  9. Amazing job, great memories of visiting Delft and the museum/factory there. Those tulip vases are certainly amazing, agreed! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday! It is funny i was just in the USA for 2 weeks and thought my travel bug was more than satisfied, but for some reason reading your post I'm missing the Netherlands!


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