When I was pregnant, a couple of years ago, a friend gave me a 'breast feeding bracelet'. It had little colored beads, 12 beads with numbers from 0 to 12 on it, and a tiny baby feet pendant. Every time I fed the baby I had to shift the feet pendant to the next hour I had to feed, so I could never forget at what time my baby had her last meal (not that I ever forgot that due to breasts that were almost exploding when I had to feed again, but the idea was nice). This week I found the bracelet again and since I stopped breast feeding a long time ago, I recycled some parts of the bracelet and made something entirely different. 
See here:

My Hama Snow Flakes were featured this week by CRAFT!

Thank you so much, Jamie!

Monday Funday
My Birthday Skirt for my youngest was featured by A Round Tuit!

Thanks a lot, Jill!


  1. What a neat way to track baby feedings. So much easier to check than a paper or app. Cute bracelet! I love bracelets.

  2. What a great way to up cycle from one great product to another! I love it! What a clever idea! And, thank you for stopping by Shine a Spotlight Saturday and sharing! See you next Saturday! —Deb at

  3. Nice bracelet! I hadn't heard of a nursing bracelet before, interesting idea! Thanks for linking to Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  4. I love the redo. The cross is great.


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