Knotted Pots and Lanterns

We have our first day of REALLY nice weather today and when I sniff summer in the air, I always think of long sultry evenings with friends and barbecue, or even better: both. And when I think of evenings like that I always get the urge to make lanterns. So I made a few today. 

And while I was busy knotting I made one for my strawberry pot, too. 

You can find a tutorial for knotting here


  1. Looks good, I can see putting a candle or flowers in it. Good job!

  2. These are lovely, it doesn't look to difficult either. I hope your strawberry plant is happy it it's new hanging home.

  3. Oh, did we do this in the 70's! So cute, even still. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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